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Cape Jewels

Nemesia strumosa, or cape jewels, is a gorgeous, fast-growing, summer annual. Bright flowers look lovely when planted en masse, in containers, or in flowerbeds. Not only pleasing to the eye, but these pretty flowers also offer up a sweet fragrance.

Chinese Pink

Chinese pink (Dianthus chinensis) is a perennial flowering herb native to China, Russia, and Mongolia. In the wild, chinese pink grows in dense woodlands and forests. In cultivation, it is a common ornamental plant grow in hanging baskets and planters.


The snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) is a flowering perennial that is commonly cultivated as an annual or biennial ornamental plant. When the throats of its flowers are squeezed together, its lips snap open like a dragon’s mouth; this is the origin of the common name. The snapdragon’s speedy cultivation and ease of pollination made it a good target for research, so it has now become a model organism for plant genetics studies.


The johnny Jump-up resembles a small pansy. The flowers are edible and can be consumed in salads, drinks, or used as a garnish, though they’re best eaten only in small amounts. Ancient Greek legends told that the goddess Aphrodite colored the previously white flowers purple to make her son, Eros, less attracted to them.

Blue Moss Cypress

Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Cyano-virdis’ Pom Pom is a truly unique and captivating evergreen shrub that is certain to draw attention in any garden. This cultivar’s striking blue-green foliage and its compact, spherical pom-pom shape make it a charming addition to outdoor spaces.

Spiral Blue Moss Cypress

A unique and sophisticated plant that adds elegance and outstanding flair and personality to any landscape or garden, this is the spiral topiary form of the lovely Boulevard Blue Moss Cypress, an attractive coniferous evergreen sporting distinctive, soft-to-the-touch sprays of blue-green foliage with a silvery cast. 

Heuchera Palace Purple

Perennial Plant of the Year. It is grown for the beautiful foliage which may range in color from olive green to bronze-green to a deep purple with a dark wine-red on the leaf underside. The tiny pinkish-white bell-shaped flowers are less significant but are a dramatic contrast against the darker leaves.

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