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Mulch helps your plants by stopping weeds, bringing in friendly earthworms, keeping the soil temperature right, holding onto water, giving food to plants, stopping dirt from washing away, and making your house yard look nice! It adds to the curb appeal of your home.

Should flower beds be mulched?

You should put about 3 inches of mulch on your flower beds. Using the right amount of mulch will stop weeds and keep the soil wet, so you won’t have to water as much. But if you use pea gravel mulch or other kinds that aren’t natural, you might need a different amount.

Is it better to mulch or not to mulch?

Mulch looks nice and helps the garden by keeping the soil wet, making sure the soil isn’t too hot or too cold, and stopping weeds from growing. Also, if you use natural mulch, it will make the soil better and give it food when it breaks down. So, yeah, mulch is good!

How often should you remove mulch?

Your mulch should be replaced every 1-2 years (on average). If your mulch seems to be less thick than when you first installed it, it is probably a sign that it is breaking down and dissipating into the soil.

Is mulching really necessary?

Why should we use mulch? Mulch stops water from leaving the soil, stops weeds, and keeps the temperature steady, especially when it’s snowy. Mulch also helps the soil live better as it breaks down, making the soil healthy and full of life. When soil is healthy, plants are healthy too!

Types Of Wood Mulches

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Dyed Wood Mulch

Country Red

Dyed Wood Mulch

El Natural

Natural Wood Mulch

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