35 Paver Patio Ideas to Make Your Backyard Better

From old-fashioned bricks to new-looking stones, pavers make any yard look nicer.

Whether it’s stone, concrete, brick, or tile, pavers look good and work well in any yard. You can use them in small or big areas, and they can fit different budgets. Pavers can be fancy, have different textures, and come in many colors. These paver patio ideas will help you make your outdoor space look great.

Showcase a Fire Pit

Make your fire pit look great by putting thick paver stones around it. Fill the inside with small rocks and add a big fire table to keep everyone warm on cool nights. Add comfy chairs and colorful pillows to make it feel like a cozy room you won’t want to leave.

Carve a Paver Pathway

Make a strong path with pavers on a gravel patio. This helps you walk easily from the house to your outdoor space without tripping on gravel. The pavers also look nice with different colors and textures.

Cover a Paver Patio Idea

In a covered patio or sunroom, light-colored pavers make the room look bigger and brighter. Lay them in a simple pattern for a classic look that matches your outdoor decor. The pavers stay cool in the summer because they are shaded.

Keep It Cohesive

Combine pea gravel and pavers to create a lounge space in your garden. Use wooden furniture that matches nearby wood planters. You can garden, pick fruits and vegetables, and relax in your comfy seating.

Rely on a Classic

Brick is cheap and looks great with its red color. You can lay bricks in many patterns like checkered, basketweave, and herringbone. Brick works with both cottage-style and modern homes.

Vary the Scale

Pavers come in many sizes. Use different sizes for a more interesting patio. Try a large paver floor with a fire table made of small bricks and topped with stone pavers. Add a fountain and fire pit for a calm atmosphere.

Finish a Deck

Mix natural materials like brick, stone, and wood. Use stone pavers around a wood deck for a finished look. Connect the deck and patio with wood planks and white railings for a continuous feel.

Go Graphic

For a unique look, choose patterned pavers or stencil a pattern on concrete. Graphic tiles work well for an outdoor fireplace or kitchen. Match colors and patterns to your home’s style for a harmonious look.

Build a Paver Patio Walkway

Make your yard more beautiful and easy to walk through by adding pavers on top of sand and gravel. This creates a smooth path for walking.

Vary Paver Shapes

Use different shapes like squares and rectangles for your patio. Lay out the pattern before installing to make sure it looks good. Add a rug for warmth.

Create Zones in a Paver Patio

Separate areas in your patio by using large pavers for the dining area and grass or different materials for the lounge area. Add lights for a cozy evening feel.

Incorporate a Herringbone Pattern

Use antique bricks in a herringbone pattern for a classic look. Add hanging chairs and swings in matching colors for a comfortable patio.

Incorporate Multiple Paver Colors

Mix different textures and colors to make a small space more interesting. Use gray flagstone as a base and add colorful pillows and chairs for a lively look.

Design a Front Yard Paver Walkway

Create a modern front yard walkway with pea gravel steps and white rectangular pavers. Add brown borders and planters for warmth and a green door to welcome visitors.

Use Modern Concrete Pavers

For a modern look, use clean and geometric gray concrete pavers. Add rattan furniture for visual interest in your seating area.

Incorporate Flagstone Pavers

Use irregular flagstone pavers for a more natural shape. Fit them together like a puzzle to create a unified look that matches curved landscaping.

Make Room for Natural Borders

Center pavers in your yard and leave borders for plants. This creates a nice outdoor room for meals and relaxation.

Add a Fun Brick Paver Patio

Combine red and gray bricks for a playful checkerboard pattern. This adds a fun twist to a classic brick patio.

Have Fun with Paver Patterns

Mix colors, textures, and patterns in your paver patio for a unique and fun look.

Install a Stone Paver Patio

Use gray flagstones to create a cohesive patio that blends with the garden. Trees provide shade, and the black-painted house blends into the landscape.

Match Your Home's Exterior

Choose paver colors that match your home’s exterior for a calming and unified look.

Unify Materials

Use concrete pavers to connect different areas in your backyard. This creates a cohesive feel without breaking up the space.

Go Wall to Wall

Cover your entire backyard with pavers for a seamless look. Plant moss between the pavers for a natural touch.

Meditate with a Modern Paver Patio Idea

Create a quiet spot with a simple grid of concrete pavers and bright chairs. This minimalistic patio lets the greenery stand out.

Pair Pavers with River Rocks

Mix square or rectangular pavers with colorful pebbles for a laid-back design that’s great for relaxing.

Go Green

Place pavers in high-traffic grassy areas for a mix of greenery and durability.

Anchor Your Outdoor Space

Use beige and gray pavers to create a small patio for lounging or dining. Surround it with plants for a cozy feel.

Bring Cottage-Style

Plant moss or grass between pavers for a cottage-style look. Add distressed furniture and lots of pillows for a welcoming atmosphere.

Re-Create Your Favorite Getaway

Use sand-colored pavers and blue accents to create a resort feel in your backyard.

Connect to Your Home's Interior

Use stone tiles that match your indoor flooring for a seamless transition to your outdoor patio.

Make It Match

Use large pavers in a color that matches your patio furniture and surrounding plants for a balanced look.

Add Some Polish

Create a classic yet modern patio with cool gray pavers and black-and-white accents. Add large lanterns for lighting.

Connect to Landscaping

Use irregular stone pavers to connect different areas of your yard, adding interest and pathways.

Showcase a Color Palette

Mix stones with similar textures and colors for a unified look. Match outdoor furniture to the pavers’ colors.

Choose Warm Tones

Use terra-cotta pavers for a warm and inviting patio. The natural variations add a vibrant backdrop for outdoor living.